Montreal Pen Club

Welcome to the Greater Montreal pen club, a place to meet and exchange with other fountain pen amateurs. The group is bilingual (english and fran├žais) and is open to everyone from Montreal, Laval, north-shore, south-shore and... anywhere else if you have any interest in meeting with us.


There is a Discord server where you can have direct exchanges with the other members, ask questions, organize local meetings...
Come chat with us on Discord

Instagram for a couple of pictures, mostly of pens, as expected.

Regular meetings

We will have regular meetings every month and we may also make others if there is enough people interested. The meeting place may change from time to time and is announce here and on Discord.

Next meeting : soon

As everything is slowly opening up and more people are getting vaccinated, we will soon restart the mensual meetups.

The Montreal pen show : May 14th 2022

Sadly, it's been cancelled again : Scriven 2022.

The Toronto pen show : October 30th 2022

Scriptus, the Toronto pen show, is back at the Toronto Reference Library after two long years without it. For more information: Scriptus 2022.